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Experiencing, Exploring and Experimenting in and with Co-Design Spaces

Sanders and Westerlund, 2011



The Impact of Human-Centred Design Workshops in Strategic Design Projects

Liem and Sanders, 2011


A Framework for Organizing the Tools and Techniques of Participatory Design

Sanders, Brandt and Binder 2010



Stepping Stones Across the Gap

Sanders 2010


Application of a Participatory Methodology for Investigating Personal Fall Arrest System (PFAS) Usage in the Construction Industry

Liu, Sommerich, Sanders and Lavender 2009


A Social Vision for Value Co-creation in Design

"We are not seats or eyeballs or end users or consumers. We are human beings - and our reach exceeds our grasp. Deal with it."


Sanders and Simons 2009


An Evolving Map of Design Practice and Design Research

Liz Sanders 2008


Game Design for Personal Health Management: An Emotional and Educational Perspective

Chan, Sanders and Evensen 2008


Co-creation and the New Landscapes of Design

Sanders and Stappers 2008


Emerging Trends in Design Research - poster 1

Emerging Trends in Design Research - poster 2

Sanders and Chan 2007


Designing a Physical Environment

Ivey & Sanders 2006


Design Research in 2006

Sanders 2006


Design Serving People

Sanders 2006


Scaffolds for Building Everyday Creativity

Sanders 2006

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