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About the Book
This book introduces an emerging domain of design research that is of immense interest today, not only to the academic design research community but also to design practitioners and to those in the business community charged with the development of human-centered products, systems, services and/or environments. Generative design research is an approach to bring the people we serve through design directly into the design process to ensure that we can meet their needs and dreams for the future.

Convivial Toolbox
is aimed at university students, research practitioners and practicing designers. The first part of the book covers the underlying principles of generative design research, the second part presents cases and the third part is the how to section. Through out the book are 50 contributions from people all around the world that show generative design research in action.


"It's at last the text I've been hoping to see."


Associate Professor, Graduate & Undergraduate Industrial Design, Art Center College of Design



About the Authors
Liz Sanders
is an Associate Professor in the Department of Design at The Ohio State University

Pieter Jan Stappers
is a Professor in the Department of Industrial Design at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands



More Information & Purchase
For more information about the book, please visit the publisher’s website at:
BIS Publishers, where you can see sample pages and spreads. Convivial Toolbox is also available on







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